We are recruiting financial partners
to establish the brand

The AranciniDeCatalunya franchise: A secure investment with lightning progress !

  • The Onigiri is one of the best-selling food product in 2023 in Asian countries other than Japan. Given its shape, the AranciniDeCatalunya is easily identifiable by consumers.
  • Catalonia, and its capital Barcelona, enjoys an outstanding culinary reputation
  • Collaboration with renowned chefs (3 Michelin stars, an Iron Chef, world competition winner…): Without doubt the best Arancinis in the world, hand-prepared with the finest ingredients.
  • Salty – AranciniDeCatalunya – and Sweet – Rice Churros – in the same small sales space !
  • We don’t charge royalties on sales.
  • You benefit from our support, ongoing assistance and brand promotion programs.
  • Excellent profitability.
  • Low entry fee after our approval: USD 1’000 per outlet.