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Arancini is reputed to be Sicilian in origin, but stuffed rice balls have been around for a long time and on several continents.

The proper name Arancini is Sicilian, to designate this stuffed, breaded and fried rice ball. Otherwise, Asia and Africa, in various forms, have been eating filled and fried rice balls for centuries, under different names.

Our Arancini

We offer recipes with finest meat, seafood as well as vegetables, which are hand made in our production workshop and certified for export. They are elaborated in collaboration with renowned Chefs.

Our Chefs

Our arancini are prepared by top and Michelin-starred Chefs.
They are international and add to our range culinary influences from around the world,
offering new recipes besides traditional ones.

History of Arancini

In the eighth century, the Arabs, exclusively Berbers, encouraged the cultivation of rice in Spain. They imposed their recipes for stuffed rice balls on the Spanish as well as the Catalans. Also Sicily got highly influenced.